Dármaka Community [NGO, 2019-2021]: Archive of the NGO website

In 2019 I started the Dármaka community, to provide therapeutic support and bioenergetic healing to people in crisis. It was a decisive human movement to support hundreds of people in 21 countries, on a spiritual and emotional level, especially the confinement of 2020.
After accompanying dozens of therapeutic processes and personalized support, I consolidated the Dármaka Method for spiritual coaching.



Brand proposal:

Dármaka is the result of 20 years of research and was founded by Fernando José Caicedo Albarello on December 21, 2019, by merging two initiatives with a long history: Sincrético (Personalized Integrative Therapies) and Good Vibe Movement.

The main objective has been the consolidation of an integrative therapy method that improves the lives of as many human beings as possible.

The motivation to consolidate the Dármaka Method is due to the fact that it has been practiced for more than 3 years with people of different ages, in person and remotely, generating excellent results.

Brand Focus

Community of free access for human well-being.

Digital assets

Domains: Darmaka(.org)
Social Networks (ig, fb, tw): @darmaka.comunidad


  • Foundation: December 2019
  • Closing date: January 2021