My Personal Brand DNA: Life-transforming experiences

    How do you pronounce Hakesh?


    What does Hakesh mean?

    Let me tell you a brief story about this word, its magic and how it came to me.

    The word Hakesh is a magic word that came to my mind one night in April 2023.

    I was exploring terms and asking the Universe to come to me with a word that would define me and allow me to renew my personal brand... Ideas were emerging and word after word, I was taking notes and I had that feeling that something very special was coming.

    After exploring many terms, I decided to let go of intellectual thinking and let myself be guided solely by intuition. Different ideas emerged, with unusual words that were, to tell the truth, difficult to write and pronounce...

    This beautiful word arrived and I felt a special vibration in it, so I wrote it in a notebook.

    A few hours later, I began to explore the terms I had collected and when I saw it written I felt its resonance within me again... I began to investigate its meaning and discovered its mystical magic.

    According to my research, Hakesh is an ancient Hindu word whose literal meaning is "Lord of Sound" and defines the power of creative vibration. In the Hindu tradition, hakesh is considered to be the sacred attribute of the act of creation with the word: it is what connects the deities with the manifestation in matter, through sound.

    I understood that it came to contribute much more to my life than a brand name. I understood that it came to me to give impetus to my personal development and spiritual awakening processes. Because of this, I share my way of understanding my new personal brand...

    Hakesh is the power to create with sound what the mind has defined. It is the ability to insufflate with sound vibration what has been thought and chosen, to make it come true.

    Grateful for having your presence,

    Fernando 'Hakesh' Caicedo Albarello